virtual care

A fresh take on practicing medicine.

We empower physicians with tools that help them regain independence and increase revenue.

Vericardia helps you in attracting more new patients, eliminating excessive overhead and administrative work.

Practice on your own terms.

We created a set of tools designed around your needs.

We partner with you to help grow your practice. We take care of everything from front-desk operations to AI-powered identification of patients eligible for diagnostic tests and procedures.

Our cutting-edge technology will help your patients stay connected and healthy!
New patients
Expand your patient network by reaching into new geographies.
Less overhead
Reduce costs by outsourcing tasks to free up resources.
Automated processes
Automate billing, admin work and the necessary but not-so-exciting tasks.
Better care
Use AI algorithms to assist in billable patient interactions and tests.

The most complete virtual care and remote patient monitoring solution.

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